Ozzy Man Reviews: Bunny vs Dogs - Possibly The Most Hilarious Animal Death Race Ever!

When it comes to alternative commentary there's no one quite like Ozzy Man to inject some serious hilarity into what would otherwise be either a social observation—or in this case a fight (flight?) to the death.

This latest offering sees Ozzy Man take on the role of an Australian David Attenborough. With him narrating a nature documentary where we witness predator vs prey, in this case a bunny being chased by two huge hunting dogs. It's a death race for the bunny as he tries to flee his ferocious attackers as they relentlessly pursue him.

The end, sadly, looks inevitable as the dogs gain on the fleeing rabbit, leaving only a matter of time before there is total bloodshed—and one less cute fluffy bunny on the planet. It's almost too sad, too harrowing to watch.

Except, this is no ordinary bunny.

This is a rabbit who has complete disregard for the rules of nature, instead deciding to lead the dogs on a merry chase and humiliate them in the process. And how he does it is incredible to witness.

Add to that some superb sports-like nature commentary from Ozzy Man and you have the recipe for greatness.

We won't give away any spoilers and ruin the ending, but will say that this is one hardcore bunny who gives zero f#cks about vicious dogs chasing his tail. And he also has the speed of a Ferrari and the ability to radically change direction, both of which seem to defy all the rules of nature. Plus it has the stamina of a marathon runner on speed.

Ozzy Man keeps the tension high and injects his own unique humor into the event too, the result is nothing shy of brilliant. If you've never seen any of Ozzy Man's videos before his Youtube channel is full of similar content.

It's well worth checking out.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Bunny vs Dogs - 02.

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