Pebble The Hilarious Swearing Cockatoo Drops Big F-Bombs While Rescuer Destroys A Bird Cage

Be warned before you watch this video, it's full of foul language, foul language that's coming not from a swearing sailor, but from an expletive spewing parrot. Pebble the cockatoo drops f-bomb after f-bomb as a rescuer destroys a round bird cage in front of her. And the strange thing is it's hilarious.

"The f****** round cage!" Pebble screams.

And it's not because Pebble is lamenting the loss, it's because birds hate round cages (who knew?), they much prefer square cages because they like corners. Birds like corners so they can perch and feel safe, in round cages they spend ages looking for a corner and because they can't find one it can drive them nuts.

The bird cage that's being destroyed in the video belonged to another parrot called Jojo, who it drove a bit crazy, so Pebble is supervising its destruction—and as the rescuer jumps up and down to flatten it out of existence, Pebble delivers the swears. Kind of egging him on and venting her fury at round cages the world over.

The video was uploaded by Saskatoon Parrot Rescue, a non-profit in Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada who rescue and care for parrots.

If you're wondering where Pebble learned such colorful language, she picked it up from her former owner who she was rescued from. God knows what went on in that house.


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