People Have Been Freezing Their Pants And Leaving Them Places To Prank People With Winter Cheer

It's the season to be very, very cold. And blizzard-y. And going outside can be not much fun at all. So, to cheer people up and give them something to laugh over people have been freezing their pants, so they basically stand all on their own, and then leaving them various places.

It seems to have all started with a 61-year-old man from Minnesota called Tom Grotting. He's been freezing his pants and leaving them outside as decorations/ghostly installations for years. But this year he tasked people to follow him and freeze their own pants and leave them for others to find.

“All over Northeast Minneapolis, people are freezing their pants,” Grotting told ABC News. The phenomenon has even spread to Ohio and beyond. “I mostly do it for my neighbor, Diane,” he said. “The winter gets a little long and she doesn’t like winter very much so it’s mostly entertainment for Diane.”

And locals in north Minnesota seem to take him up on the challenge, from there it was picked up by local media and before long it had a hashtag #FrozenPants—and then, well, Twitter users did the rest.

Now it's become a nationwide trend, no doubt creeping out people who've yet to hear about it and amusing those that have.

You can check out some of these bizarre sculptures below.

Minneapolis resident Tom Grotting brings laughs to his neighbors with his tradition of freezing pants.


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