People Are Testing Their Dogs By Pretending To Faint, Then Filming The Hilarious Results

Dogs are very loyal creatures that respond to your moods and habits, they also have a sixth sense that knows when you are not well and have even been known to respond to a disease that you don't even know you have got yet, like cancer. But how would they react if you suddenly became ill and needed immediate attention?

People in Japan have devised a pretty bizarre way to test if their dogs care about them. By pretending to faint while out walking them, then filming how they react.

They're then tweeting the results with the line "Reaction when owner has suddenly fallen."

The results aren't really what the owners probably hoped for. Instead of showing concern, most of the dogs don't seem to care whatsoever. Some walk over to see what's up, but others just stand their waiting, as if to say, "Get up you idiot"—and even worse, some dogs see it as a chance to flee their human captor and escape for good.

Looks like dogs might not be man's best friend after all. Or maybe they're just wise to their owner's fake fainting, and are wondering why the heck they've decided to lie down in the middle of the sidewalk.

Either way, the reaction footage is hilarious.

There was one animal that responded though. One person tried the fake fainting on a bird and it was appropriately concerned.

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