Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari Vs. A Puppy—Which Works Best?

There's no doubting that a Ferrari is going to turn some heads when you're driving down the street. But when it comes to wooing women a Ferrari is obviously good, but is it as effective as the adorability of a puppy?

Prankster Josh Paler Lin, from YouTube channel JoshPalerLin puts the idea to the test in this rigorous scientific experiment. Because lets face it, if you are a Ferrari or a puppy owner you need to know this stuff.

"I recently got a new puppy, and EVERY TIME I took him out almost EVERY GIRL stop me to pet him." he notes on the video's YouTube page. "So I wanted to see if I can get more numbers with a Ferrari or with the puppy."

What's the consensus, will cuteness win out over sheer supercar sexiness? He starts off using just the Ferrari, cruising around to see how many women will give him their number. And, well, he isn't that successful, getting two numbers after numerous attempts. Good news for all of us who can't afford an Italian sports car.

So he ditches the car and brings out the big guns, the pup. Let's just say that by the end of the video when he's finished asking girls for their numbers with his baby dog, there's a very clear winner.

And that winner is the puppy.

So, if you're heading out in your Ferrari, firstly lucky you, and secondly if you're after getting some numbers, don't bother. Scrap the car and get a little pooch, it has a far higher success rate.


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