Prankster Obvious Plant Creates Some Hilarious (But Sadly) Fake Events For Dallas Zoo

If you're unfamiliar with the work of Obvious Plant (aka Jeff Wysaski) then you're missing out. The prankster has made a habit of creating fake signs, posters, and notices and leaving them at zoos, furniture stores, and grocery stores. The kind of informational notices that you normally walk by without taking proper notice.

And that's where the real fun begins

Because if you did stop and take a moment to read them you would probably fall on the floor laughing.

They've involved in-store reviews of IKEA furniture which praise the pattern of a couch for looking like how dubstep sounds, along with fake animal facts about trombones and ducklings, and self-help books like "So Your Son is a Centaur." It's enough to suddenly take a big interest in and read every boring information sheet you come across from now on. Just in case.

His latest offering involves Dallas Zoo where he's created a bunch of fake notices about supposed upcoming events that they've had to cancel "due to a rogue zoo coordinator."

As usual they are totally daft, silly, but thoroughly entertaining. Check them out below.

Head to Obvious Plant's website for more of his fakery fun.