Purin The Super Beagle Is A Multi-Talented Mutt —And The Internet Loves Her

You don't get a name like Purin the Super Beagle simply by chance. Purin is a very talented 9-year-old dog who can not only skateboard but is pretty good at swordplay and handstands too. And then some.

What makes it worse for any envious dogs out there who might be sneaking onto the internet and reading this (yes, dogs can read, just ask them), she's also a real cutie.

To make things worse she even has her own Facebook fan page (but what pet doesn't these days?) and her own agent, as she's often in demand for TV commercials with her. According to the Facebook page her owner, Makoto Kumagai, says she currently has a repertoire of 70 different tricks.

You have to admit Putin has all the makings of a real canine celebrity.

And if that doesn't make you a super beagle, then what the heck does? She can pretty much do anything asked of her, As well as goal-keeping, which you can see above, she's also adept at:


Ball Balancing


Pretending to Sing

Walking Handstands (Or Paw-stands)


And Playing the Piano

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