Rapper Froggy Fresh Battles Jason Voorhees In His Latest Music Video 'Friday The 13th'

Froggy Fresh (formely Krispy Kreme) and his buddy and fellow rapper Money Maker Mike decide to visit the house of hockey-masked psychopath Jason Voorhees on the date that he's famous for, in the music video for the aptly titled song "Friday The 13th."

Firstly, they get tooled up with samurai swords, garlic, a cross, holy water, and, erm, some berry burst lip gloss. Then, once well prepped with weapons to destroy vampires and ensure delicious smelling lips, they trek to Jason's house.

And, of course, Jason appears and a sword fight ensues between Fresh and Jason before Fresh and Mike flee for their lives. You'll have to watch the video to find out what happens to them next.

And if you were wondering, all this is true btw. But it's the kind of thing that can only happen on Friday the 13th.


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