Real Life 'Hitman' Gives YouTubers Control Over Agent 47 Creeping About An Actual Mansion

UK production studio Realm Pictures have created a real-life playable version of the Hitman video game—and it looks really, really good. The company have got history in bringing video games to physical life, having previously created a ChatRoulette FPS set in the zombie apocalypse (twice) and were asked by developer IO Interactive to bring some of their live-action magic to the Hitman game.

In the video YouTubers sit together in a room and control a real world Agent 47 as he stealthily creeps about a mansion, taking on disguises, and disposing of people on command with whatever weapons he can get his hands on. And you have to admit to yourself when watching the video, it looks amazing.

The camera work along with the actor's movements who plays Agent 47 really make it feel like the video game made flesh. And it's a great way to promote a video game launch, the release of this video coincides with a new Hitman game due out 11 March.

Realm Productions have detailed in a behind-the-scenes video how they realised the project. It started with them creating a 3D model of the location, a mansion in Devon, England, so they could work out the logistics. Watch the video below to learn more.

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