'The Rush' - The 'Starcraft' Universe Is Brought To Vivid Life In This Amazing Live-Action Short

RocketJump and Freddie Wong have created a live-action wet dream of a short for fans of video game franchise StarCraft and the StarCraft universe.

The bonus is, if you're not a fan of the game you can still enjoy this, quite upsetting, piece of sci-fi.

It's called The Rush and it's set on a desert outpost of the Terran colonists (the future human race in StarCraft).

Just in case you are not familiar with StarCraft and how 'Rush' is connected, ComingSoon has your back, "For the uninitiated, “Zerg Rush” is a term used by players in the game wherein the strategy involves creating as many units as possible in a quick amount of time in order to attack your opponents before they can fully mobilize." - So now you know.

The plot for this short is centered around a boy and his mom's normal day of hanging out and kicking a ball around is suddenly disturbed when an alien horde rush towards them across the plains. Uh-oh.

But hey, that's what happens when you live on a remote alien planet and you pitch your home right smack in the middle of an interspecies war zone. Don't expect a happy ending.


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