Girlfriend Farts - Hilarious Video Reveals Feminine Secret Codes And Asks 'Do All Women Do This?'

No matter what age you are, or how sophisticated you think your humor, farting is guaranteed to always make someone laugh. There's just something intrinsically amusing about the act of letting out some foul smelling gas accompanied by a trumpet noise. For the farter anyway.

But there's also a secret code to farting, especially when it comes to relationships. When you first start hanging out together there comes a honeymoon period when you don't want to fart in front of your partner, for fear of them thinking you're some kind of inhuman freak.

JoeNationTV deals with just such an issue, addressing the women in particular, in his latest sketch "Girlfriend Farts." In the sketch the man's girlfriend waits until her other half is in another room or left the house before she lets out some squeakers.

It's a sly and sneaky way of floating an air biscuit. And it doesn't always work because inevitably, as you'll see, you're going to get caught out. Sometimes it's just best to be honest and proud with your "orchestra practice"—which is exactly what guys tend to do, something which Joe addresses in his "Boyfriend Farts" video. See below.

And don't worry, it's OK if you find yourself immaturely giggling through these sketches like a 10-year-old because: fart noises.

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