Saturday Night Live Hilariously Mocks Snack Ad Sexism in Their Spoof Super Bowl Commercial

What's a woman to do while the guys eat snacks, drink beer, and watch the game? Well, she definitely needs to be in the kitchen, duh! But there's only so many sandwiches she can make, so that's where this handy Totino's Super Bowl Activity Pack comes in!

Of course, this pack isn't actually real but instead is part of a spot-on spoof from SNL, which mocks the casual sexism in snack commercials, where it's always the guys sitting watching the sport on TV while the woman gladly and obediently serves them snacks.

Meanwhile, Totino's themselves were acting weird on social media and started live-tweeting the Super Bowl a day early. Had they let Tim & Eric take control of their Twitter account? They let the leftfield comedians loose on making them a commercial, so maybe. Check out some of the WTF tweets, below.

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