The History Of The Selfie - How Annoying It Would Have Been If It Was Invented Before The Camera

The selfie has been held up as a symbol of our narcissistic, social media-obsessed age, where we're too busy getting a portrait of ourselves to snap anything else. For instance, 10 years ago vacation photos consisted mostly of badly shot landmarks and tourist spots.

Now they consist of landmarks and tourist spots obscured by someone's grinning, posing, pouting face.

In this, very British, sketch from AOEComedy they imagine what it might have been like had the selfie been a preoccupation of travelers from centuries past, namely the Georgian era in British history.

In it we get to meet an English lord fresh from his globe-trotting travels and his friend and patron who's excited to see his paintings of far-flung places.

Except, there isn't much to see. Because each exotic clime is obscured by his annoying, pouting duckface. And there's only one way to describe what people look like pulling such a face.

And the lord's friend has the perfect word to describe them.


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