A Thanksgiving Miracle—SNL Shows How Adele Can Stop Thanksgiving Fights Around The Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is a time to sit around the table, come together as a family, and of course, argue and engage in Thanksgiving fights. It's an inevitability as various generations come to blows with their different opinions about topics of the day. But, there is one thing that can save you, call it a Thanksgiving miracle.

It's Adele's mega-hit "Hello", such is its all-conquering power that when family convos get awkward reach for the song and let its emotive magic do the rest.

That's what happens in this hilarious sketch from SNL anyway. When the patriarch of the family throws down a line about refugees being ISIS in disguise, and aunty backs him up with a line about seeing ISIS while picking up her yams, things get heated.

Then comes a racist comment from the aunt to her niece's African-American boyfriend and all hell's breaking loose. So the youngest member of the family casually gets up from her seat, presses play on the CD player and on comes Adele.

Before you know it everyone's theatrically lip-syncing along to the song, all their differences forgotten as they belt out the emotional ballad, complete with blonde wigs and fake eyelashes.

Truly, a Thanksgiving miracle.

Thanksgiving fights.

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