Stephen Colbert Is Ready to Play El Chapo In Any Upcoming Movie Biopics

Unless you were another wanted criminal hiding in the middle of a jungle, you no doubt saw the news that Mexican drug lord and leader of infamous crime syndicate the Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, was recaptured by the authorities last week after six months on the run.

Guzman escaped months ago using a tunnel that was dug by his gang leading up to his cell. He then jumped down on a motorbike and sped off. His recent recapture came soon after actor Sean Penn conducted a secret interview with Guzman for Rolling Stone.

Guzman had wanted to possibly break into Hollywood and was looking for a movie biopic to be made about his life. His interview with Penn and his contact with Hollywood production studios is supposedly what led to his capture.

It's been a dramatic week for the kingpin, and it's thought he'll be extradited to the US to face charges.

The question remains though, if a movie is going to be made about his life, who's going to play him? Stephen Colbert bravely steps up to offer up himself, he's got the mustache and he's been practicing his best imitations. What do you think?

Something else to emerge this week is a dramatic GoPro footage (below) from the helmet of a marine who was in the raid that took place to recapture El Chapo in his hideout.

It's a full-on 15 minutes of crazy action and gunfire that saw five cartel members killed. The mission was called 'Cisne Negro' or Black Swan. El Chapo, as is his way, snuck away in a tunnel and into a car, but was stopped by soldiers and captured.