David Beckham And James Corden Reveal Their New Underwear Line D&J Briefs

You will no doubt be familiar with David Beckham's underwear range for H&M. Or, more truthfully, you'll be familiar with the advertising campaign for it, which featured Beckham standing around on giant billboards in his budgie smugglers.

Well, now The Late Late Show host James Corden has decided to strip off and join Beckham in standing around half-naked. Except this range of underwear sadly isn't real. Instead it's a note-perfect parody of Beckham's H&M ads for a fake range called D&J Briefs, which are available in "no stores, anywhere."

Corden may not have the toned torso of Beckham, but he's certainly got some moves—and some hilarious lines too. It's not always about physique.

Writing about this new non-venture Beckham said on Facebook, "I had great fun doing the Late Late Show with James Corden. Before I did my successful H&M campaign, here is something that we did together that never quite saw the light of day (joking of course!! As we did this sketch for the show)."


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