The Hilarious Story Of All Our Lives - Told In An ADHD Vine Compilation Of 5 Second Videos

We live in a blink and you'll miss it age. A time when we can barely read to the end of a 140 character tweet before our attention gets pulled in a million different directions. Where we're bombarded with information and content from practically everywhere. No wonder ADHD is a growing phenomenon.

A lot of people complain about how it's ruining civilisation as we know it. But I say embrace it. Embrace that lack of focus, maybe it was meant to be.............What was i saying?

Oh yeah, maybe it's pulling us to our next evolutionary goal, towards our multitasking destiny where we'll be able to focus on looking at twenty different places online all at once like some kind of mutant X-men badass—but one that's glued to a screen. And only lasts for five seconds at a time.


Anyway, this compilation is a good place to get some training in, because it features lots of weirdness and fun which the world has been getting up to, for five seconds at a time, and then posting to Vine. Because that's where ADHD lives and breathes.

If it doesn't make sense, watch it again until it does--Then consider your training done for the day.


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