Televangelists Explain Perfectly How God Almighty Has Sanctioned The Use Of Their Own Private Jets

Snake oil peddlers Televangelists Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis prove how deluded they have become with their own bloated sense of importance in this video, which sees them discussing why they should travel around in, and own, private jets.

It's laughable, if not for the fact they've got rich scamming money off people far less wealthy and far more gullible than they are. Or i could be totally wrong, there is no scam, and all of this is actually gospel truth.

Because it turns out that no lesser being than the Almighty himself has sanctioned their use of private luxury travel, and has told them (privately, of course) that their planes are a sanctuary, allowing the two to commune with The Creator in a more immediate and intimate manner.

Their reasoning, if you can call it that, is just like when a toddler does something wrong and they come up with an excuse as to why they did it, and the excuse is a pure flight of the imagination. Except what a toddler says is more believable.

Because it's not just that the plane allows them to converse with God away from the prying ears of us heathens, it's also that the rest of us are demons—DEMONS!—and Copeland says he couldn't possible share breathing space with such ungodly forms.

That settles it then. They've put forward their case and it's water tight. No doubt God told them to get that Luis Vuitton jacket and gold watch too.

Because God loves the wealthy. It says it in the bible somewhere, right after the passage about Jesus' private jet.


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