Thespians Recreate YouTube Comments From Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' And One Direction's 'You & I'

YouTube channel and Monty Python fans Dead Parrot are back with their excellent YouTube Comment Reconstruction series. Above is episode ten and, as with all the others, they use theatrical actors to recreate the inane and stupid comments from various videos on YouTube.

This particular episode has a dinner party Downton Abbey-esque setting where the guests rehash (but with much more class) the comments and arguments ensuing from Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and One Direction's "You & I." With exchanges like "I have proof that Harry Style is gay," "You're a sh*t-faced liar" and "So tired of butthurt fans," "So tired of sluts like you." said in posh British accents, it's hilarity all the way.

If you don't laugh, then you must be dead inside. And for those new to the series, it's worth checking out some of their previous videos, some of which we've posted below because we care about your time-wasting entertainment.

The first one

The death of Nelson Mandela

And their latest one, where they go full on meta and reconstruct the comments from under one of their own videos

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