Looking Forward To The Onset Of Winter? You'll Think Again After Watching These Snow & Ice Fails

With Halloween over, the days getting shorter, and now Thanksgiving and Black Friday are on the menu before Christmas is upon us, it's all signaling that winter is fast approaching. Remember that?

Sure it's fun to see the landscape transform with a white blanket and you'd think that venturing out onto the new terrain to indulge in some fun and games sounds like a great idea. But you'd be very wrong.

So this year, when it's snowy and icy outside, the best thing to do is make no attempt to leave the house, even if you have to go to work. Phone it in, just like you always do.

Instead, pull up a chair at a window that faces the street and just sit and wait for people to come along and entertain you as they struggle to stay upright.

If you don't have any snow and ice near you right now, then you can do the next best thing and watch this compilation of people acting stupid or being unlucky or just trying to have some fun in conditions more suited to polar bears.