Bromance Fail: If You Thought Your Friends Were A-Holes You Were Right, Check Out These Guys

Real friends are something to be treasured, they are the one sure thing you can rely on, they will always be there when you need them most, and most importantly, you would trust them with your life, because trust is that important.

So you might think that trust is the cornerstone of any friendship, but i hate to tell you this, that's a dirty rotten lie. Don't trust anyone, especially not your supposed "friends" because they'll just turn out to be total a-holes.

And not just any a-holes but the sort of a-holes who make you look like a fool on camera.

Welcome to Ultimate Bad Friends Compilation from Fail Army, which doesn't really need much explanation other than me posting the title. Think of a video populated by Scumbag Steves, full of people mocking, laughing at, not being very helpful to, and sometimes injuring their friends.

So if you were wondering if it was just you that had friends who acted like total jerks, don't worry, everyone does.

That's the cornerstone of any friendship.


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