Timeholes: If You Ever Wanted To Be A Time Traveller It's Probably Best You Watch This First

When Kyle Reese suddenly appeared naked in downtown Los Angeles in the 1980's looking for Sarah Connor and points his gun at a police officer and said "What day is it? What year is it?", we all thought that time travel looked pretty damn cool, even if that included a robotic Arnold Schwarzenegger intent on killing you and everyone else who stood in the way of his mission.

Well, we have come a long way since then and if anything is going to make you feel cynical about the future, then this short film about time-travelers who tend to be total assholes will do it.

Set in the distant future (2015), what was once science fiction has become fact and, as is the case with most new tech, it’s now fully integrated into society and is being abused by people as they do the same dumb things they did before it was invented.

Welcome to our time-travelling future, it’s going to be terrible.


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