What's Cuter Than Tiny Adorable Hamsters Taking On A Tiny Adorable Agility Course

Not only are this tiny hamsters adorable they have ridiculously adorable names too, which are Dumptruck and Porkchop. With handmade wooden obstacles and little winners' podiums, the hamsters compete in their mini agility course to see who will take home the gold medal.

It's quite something. When your grandchildren are older and they look back and ask what the wonders of the day enabled you to do. You can say they enabled the world to make and watch hamsters competing in a hamster-size agility course.

Then, technology prevailing, you can show them this video and they'll marvel at the fluffy butt cam. Because who doesn't love a fluffy butt cam?


If you want to see some more of Dumptruck and Porkchop having some fun, check out the video below of them enjoying a tiny playground.