Ever Wondered What Cats Actually See When They Look At Ordinary Objects In Your Home?

If you have a pet cat, chances are you're often baffled by its reactions to ordinary everyday things. Like, does it really need to sit there staring at you like you were The Matrix in HD while you go to the bathroom?

All these things and more are answered in this highly unscientific video.

In it a cat owner imagines what a cat thinks and sees when it looks upon your home—for instance, you see your bed, they see a variety of areas that cater to their various needs: grooming salon, napping area, a place to meditate.

And spiders, you might flee in terror from them, but to your cat they are a tasty, delicious snack to be had when the opportunity arises. Same goes for most insects, really.

As for you? You're not a human with desires and emotions and wishes and feelings. You're just a giant tool to feed them. Deal with it. You have no other purpose in life.

So prepare to be enlightened as cats Cole and Marmalade offer a kitty perspective on the world.


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