Moral Question Of The Day: Would You Tolerate Racism If It Meant Getting Cheap Rent?

Let's say you're looking for an apartment to rent and you find a really nice place where the rent's cheap, so you go for a Skype tour of your potential new abode. Then, right at the end, the guy giving the tour casually reels off a list of rules which all seem pretty standard except for one: no cats, no dogs, take your shoes off and, oh yeah, no black people. Wait...wut.

On their channel the LieGuys tested out this situation, inspired by the idea that people can be racist if no black people are around. So they put up a fake ad for an apartment at stupidly cheap rent, then when people replied they showed them round virtually while dropping casual racist remarks.

Turns out people are pretty OK with it as long as it means they get a nice place to live at a price they can afford.

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