Bait Phone - Tom Mabe's Remote Controlled Stun Gun Smartphone Gives Thieves A Nasty Shock

After getting his phone stolen off a table he was sitting at prankster Tom Mabe decided to create what he's called the Bait Phone - a Saumsung Galaxy smartphone that Mabe has turned into a wickedly ingenious remote controlled stun gun, so whoever takes it without asking gets a shock when Mabe presses a button.

To test it out Mabe takes it out on the streets and leaves it lying around, tempting would-be thieves. Firstly he pretends to be asleep at a bus stop and hooks himself his first thief, who grabs the phone and walks off feeling pleased with his stolen booty—only to get a shocking surprise seconds later.

Each time he does it the would-be stealer drops the phone and runs off, throwing the phone away as if it was a burning coal. So it definitely works. That could also be a downside though, the thief flinging or dropping it so violently as a reflex to getting a shock that it damages the phone. Still, perhaps better than it being stolen.

Plus it's funny to see the thieves getting their just desserts—if anyone's ever had their phone stolen they'll derive some extra satisfaction from this too. The video above is the third one in the Bait Phone series.

So next time you get tempted by an unattended phone sitting on a table or bench think twice before taking it.

Tome Mabe might be to far away. Laughing at your impending misfortune.

Mabe also says that he'll be manufacturing the Bait Phone soon to sell, he'll update people when they go into production. For now he's made a video showing you how to make one yourself. Take a look below. And check out more from Tom Mabe at his website and YouTube channel.

You can check out more Bait Phone fun below - Here's Bait Phone 2.

Here's Bait Phone 1 - the original that started it all off..

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