The Toys Are Out There: Barbie Dana Scully (And Ken Agent Mulder) Are Solving Cases On Instagram

Forget the Oscars, it's a very special moment for every performing celebrity, because you know you've finally made it, both as an actor and as a TV show, when you get your own official Barbie giftset.

Which is what's happened to the stars of the TV show The X Files with Barbie and Ken dolls dressed as protagonists Agents Scully and Mulder.

They come complete with "fashions from the feature film, and what's more exciting is that they are equipped with reproductions of authentic badges and credentials." Yeah, pretty cool.

But, something even cooler than that is Instagram account DanaScullyStyle set up by Yeti Corps which details Barbie Scully's adventures—along with her impeccable style.

You can follow her as she does the work of an FBI agent, like eating alien-themed ice-cream, getting covered in alien DNA, investigating alien ectoplasm, doing paper work, filing, on a stakeout, or out doing field work. Along with siting down to watch her favorite show with Mulder.

It just goes to show, the truth is out there. And in this Instagram feed. And back on TV.


Ectoplasmic manifestation, or someone forgot their shoes in dish detergent? I know what Mulder would say.

Freeze! FBI!

Time to relax with my favorite book. #snowday

Just doing some filing. What's your favorite X-File?

Definitely not alien DNA. OK, maybe a little alien DNA.

Scully, back in the day is now. #flashbackfriday


To my NYC X-Philes, X-citing news! I helped to create an ice cream flavor for @amplehills based on Mulder's and my adventures. The Truth Is In Here: paranormal green pistachio ice cream, with swirls of chocolate alien blood, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds (Mulder's favorite) and hidden "microchips." Head to Brooklyn to check it out!

Hello, it's me.

Spending a special night with an old friend.

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