Merry-Go-Round FAILS - Can You Make It Through This Compilation Of Certain Pain Without Wincing

It's always good to Darwinism in action, the process of biological evolution, weeding out the potential candidates for extinction before your very eyes. But sometimes it can be disturbing to watch.

See if you can try and make it through this five minute video without recoiling in horror—it’s pretty much impossible to do, because you just know it’s all going to end in disaster, even if it’s not captured on video.

But we've all been there, in our youthful folly and foolish abandon—maybe you've still got the scars and emotional trauma to prove it.

But that's what happens when you put a motorbike's back wheel against the merry-go-round, as seems to be a firm favorite here, so that it spins around at ridiculous speeds—which is terrifying to watch.

If you see kids doing this down your local park, tell them to stop.

But not before you've captured a few minutes of footage first. Think of it as your way of showing other people how dangerous it is.


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