Twitter Offers Up Hilarious Suggestions For New Washington Redskins Name And Logo

So, the Washington Redskins can be no more. As of this week on Wednesday the US Patent and Trademark Office™ stripped the Redskins of their name, ruling it offensive to Native Americans. Because it's not really fair that, after your ancestors appropriate their land you then appropriate an offensive term for their race and use it to get rich.

Five other trademark registrations associated with the club were also cancelled, including cheerleaders the Redskinettes. John Oliver is at hand to run through the controversy in the video below, with a dose of humour thrown in.

But, while that was bad news for the Redskins who now have to come up with a new name and logo to plaster across their merchandise, Twitter happily stepped up to the mark to fill their name void. Suggesting not just names, but logos too.

Some people went political.

Some people went geeky.

Some people just went totally leftfield.

And here's some of the more unusual suggestions for the #NewRedskinsName.

And erm...

The National Congress of American Indians made their own opinions about the matter clear back in January, issuing the following message to the Washington Redskins:

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