Twitter's Been Going Totally Insane For Pokémon GO, Here's Some Of The Funniest Reactions

You may be aware of a new gaming app that has been gaining some popularity lately. And when I say "may" I mean of course you're goddamn aware because Pokémon GO is EVERYWHERE.

Open any of your social media feeds and friends, family, and whatever sites you follow have seemingly been posting about nothing else since the game came out for iOS and Android—in the US, Australia, and New Zealand anyway–last Wednesday.

Since that fateful day it's been blamed for all kinds of strange behavior, from people catching Pokémon in a Holocaust museum, to someone finding Pikachu on his brother's grave, leading a teen to a dead body, even a boyfriend being caught cheating on his girlfriend because of the game.

And in case you've just retreated from your cave to find all this Pokémon craziness blowing up, here's how it works. The game uses GPS and augmented reality—overlaying the virtual on the physical—so players can search in a kind of mixed reality of real world and digital and collect Pokémon—the aim being to catch 'em all, of course.

Using GPS it ensures that certain Pokémon appear in certain places—bug type Pokémon appear near parks, water types appear near lakes, etc. There's also Pokémon gyms, where you fight gym leaders, usually located in places of interest in the real world and PokéStops where players can meet.

You could say it's the breakthrough augmented reality game, which is probably due to the fact that it's free and it also taps into people's nostalgia from the 90s Pokémon. So that's why it's been touted as being more popular than Tinder and won't stop appearing in your newsfeed. Might as well get used to it or go back to the cave.

Meanwhile, here's some very funny tweets, and tweets that indicate how insane people have gone over the game, that have been going around following its release.

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