'Street Fighter: Xtremely Cute Edition' Will Totally KO You With Adorableness

Anyone who has played the many versions of Street Fighter knows that they all have one thing in common, destroy your opponent as quickly and effectively as possible while making sure that you inflict the most amount of pain on them that is possible. But this version is very different.

Prepare to be beaten into submission with the lethally cute combo of adorable babies AND adorable baby animals with this edition of Street Fighter II. It's a yoga fire of fluff that will have you seeing, not red, but a haze of warm fuzziness akin to being wrapped in a cloud.

The only worry is that it's so cute that you might feel queasy and puke up a rainbow, as you watch a little baby Ryu release a little baby hadouken at a little baby dog.

It's not so much a beat 'em up, more a gently kind of reach out and paw your opponent in the softest and most delicate way possible.

It'a a total adobz-aggression-extravaganza


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