'It's A Trap' - Vine Stars, Rainbow-Puking Unicorns And Memes Join Forces For Anti-Smoking Video

How do you appeal to the younger generation in an attempt to show them smoking is bad, mmkay? One way might be to gather together Vine stars and throw in loads of internetz memes, and of course a rainbow-puking unicorn, and hope it doesn't appear too try-hard and cringeworthy.

That's the basis for this anti-tobacco campaign from truth which is targeted at the kids, yo.

It uses the Admiral Ackbar line from Star Wars "It's a trap!" to shutdown various Viners (can you call them that?) who make excuses as to why they're not a smoker, while smoking.

You know, the "I only smoke when I'm drinking" or "I'm not really a heavy smoker, I only get through two lighters a day." That last line is a Bill Hicks joke. But anyway, it's actually pretty entertaining.

Whether it will have the desired effect, who knows?

It's a decent attempt at getting a message across but the only problem is that some of these memes are so old that, if you still remember them, you are probably an adult by now anyway.

But such is life for those hip people in the advertising industry with their finger on the pulse. Of another era.

As one YouTube commenter said in classic meme fashion, "I wish I had smoked because this video already gave me cancer."--But then there's no pleasing some people when it comes to PSA's.


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