"CARL POPPA" - The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes Gets His Own Bad Lip Reading Rap Music Video

You won't need me to tell you this because naturally you'll be totally all over it, but The Walking Dead returns to our lives this Sunday and, troubling Ebola parallels aside, it couldn't come soon enough. Sunday sees the beginning of the fifth season of this zombie hit—season four opened with a record 16.1 million viewers, can Sunday's premiere beat it?

Last season, as well as being highly entertaining television, also got a highly entertaining Bad Lip Reading which featured at the end everyone's favorite annoying upstart Carl Grimes, rap some bad lip read lyrics with zombie groans on backing vocals.

It was pretty special and heralded the birth of Carl Grimes rap superstar of the zombie apocalypse. Now the Bad Lip Reading guys have followed up from that initial tease with the full Carl Grimes "Carl Poppa (La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo)" music video and lyrics. It's a great jam.

Talking of great jams, Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) created his own 80s style cheesy theme song for The Walking Dead (below). And it goes to prove that yellow font, upbeat synth sounds and a laughter track can make even the most dark subject matter totally hilarious.

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