Zombie LOLZ: Watch This Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Of 'The Walking Dead' Season 4

"You keep away from my turtle, got it!" Ah yes, the simple joys of bad lip reading a TV show. YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading are back with a brilliant take on The Walking Dead season 4.

They'd already tackled The Walking Dead awhile back but this video, More Walking (And Talking) Dead: Part 1 focuses entirely on the last season, just in time to get you all psyched for season 5.

The above quoted line kicks off the vid, as Daryl and Beth have an argument over a turtle. And the zombies get a few lines too (see below). Plus you get to see Carl Grimes rap with zombies on backing vocals. You can't ask for more than that.

It's highly entertaining stuff but tainted with a dose of, "I'll take what i can get", when it comes to The Walking Dead before Season 5 kicks off in a few weeks time........tick---tick---tick.


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