'This...This...This Is My Product'—A Rapalicious 'Breaking Bad' Mashup That You Need To Hear

OK, let's try something. After you watch this short clip which mashes up Breaking Bad into a catchy little downtempo number, try, try with all your might to not want to utter the phrase "This, this, this is my product" again and again until your housemates or family members are sick of you.

And they can blame mashup artist Matthijs Vlot for making a video so awesome that all you want to do is listen to it on repeat until you fall asleep at your computer.

With the signature Breaking Bad theme in the background Vlot manages to concoct a whole song from various bits of dialogue pulled from the series. Which must've taken a helluva a lot of time. But it was so worth it.

And just in case you've forgotten already-------'This...This...This Is My Product'


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