Max's Not So Sweet Jump—Guy Hilariously Re-Edits His Brother's GoPro Motocross Crash Footage

What are older brothers for if not to edit together a mocking video featuring Napoleon Dynamite and green-screen Shia LaBeouf, laughing at your motorcycle crash where you broke your arm trying to do a sweet jump.

OK, that makes the video sound harsher than it actually is. The story goes that Max (the younger brother) was competing in a motocross race through the woods, when he crashed trying to make a jump and broke his arm on landing.

It fractured both bones and caused poor Max quite a bit of pain. So his older bro thought he'd cheer him up by making an edit out of the GoPro footage.

For good measure he threw in some Shia LaBeouf shouting "JUST DO IT!" while putting sarcastic commentary over it all. Like any big brother would do.

The result is "Max Does A Sweet Jump", a comedic take on the race and bad ending—and I'm sure, unless Max is completely humorless, it must've cheered him up a little bit.


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