Whether You Want Him Or Not Arnie Is Back In 'Terminator Genisys'—Watch The Trailer Now

He's back! Again. In what is the fifth instalment of a franchise that has turned to a stinking pile of garbage since the first two classic action movies. And confusingly although it might be the fifth terminator film, it's actually the first in a new three-movie reboot. *shudder*

If the word reboot boils your blood then beware this new trailer. It somehow combines the plots and characters of the first two movies but jumbles them up into a new timeline, so Kyle is sent back to rescue Sarah Connor, like in the first movie, but things have changed.

Sarah's now a badass fighter like she was in the second film. And there's a T-1000 there. And Arnie's there. Well, two Arnie's are there. An old Arnie and a young Arnie, who are fighting each other. Confused yet?

And Sarah Connor is now played by 'Mother of Dragons' Emilia Clarke. What the heck is going on? There's less of the brooding menace seen in the first two movies in this reboot, and more of the guns and action lowest common denominator trash seen in the others. But this one is even more cynical because it's playing on our attachments with the first two.

Has this trailer just taken a giant postmodern sh*t all over the brilliance of the first movies and ruined everything forever until the end of time (or The War Against the Machines come and ends us)?

Or maybe it's just a bit of fun, playing nostalgically with the franchise? I am so confused right now.

Oh well, at least we get to see Arnie jump from a helicopter after saying his catchphrase before diving into another helicopter like a missile.

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