Here It Is The Year Rounded Up As A Compilation of Women Falling Over And Other Girl Fails

Here is it. The video you've been waiting all year for: the 'Ultimate Girls Fails of the Year 2014'—if any video roundup is going to define the highs, lows, mediums, and everything in between of what the year meant culturally, politically, and socially this is it.

It offers up a distinct perspective on the events that shaped this strange and terrible year in this, the salad days of the 21st century. A year whose divisive issues and many controversies can be summed up succinctly in the image of a girl falling from a horse while holding a cup of beer.

Just think about that symbolism for a minute. OK, you done? Now let's move forward, onwards and upwards to 2015. Who knows what delights that year will bring when it comes to Girl Fails of the Year.

We can but wait and anticipate.


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