These Compilations Of YouTube Haikus May Well Split Your Sides With Laughter

YouTube haikus started as a subreddit, where redditors would submit up to 14 second clips of what they deemed poetic videos they found on YouTube. The have to follow a set of rules, they can't be scripted, etc and by poetic it tends to mean file it under WTF. (The subreddit's still going strong, btw.)

There's plenty of humor too, in fact it's mostly humor—random, obscure weirdness that was YouTube's bread and butter for awhile before it changed, man. It changed! It used to be about the music! Anyway, YouTube user Tharpless took it upon themselves to collate some of the haikus into compilations.

For posterity. And for that particular time on a Friday afternoon/early evening when you don't want to work or do anything that requires too much thought or effort.

Check out the first compilation above, and the rest below.


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