Adele Hilariously Impersonates Herself In Prank To Impersonate A Bunch Of Adele Impersonators

It must be tough being Adele, everything you do has a Midas touch, there must be so much pressure. You headline at Gastonbury 2016, you Carpool Karoke with James Gorden and it's amazing. The list goes on.

Lets also not forget you brought out a new album, 25 at the end of last year and people went crazy about it and download it in their millions, not to mention the numerous cover versions of the big hit of 'Hello', no doubt leaving tear-stained pillows in their wake.

But, when you're as iconic a singer as Adele, as well as downloads you get lots of impersonators too—not just the shower singers either, but pros.

It's those people who get a hilarious surprise as Adele, who despite her soulful serious songs always comes across as someone who'd be a great drinking partner and good fun, dresses up as a fake Adele to audition as an impersonator.

In disguise wearing a prosthetic nose she becomes Jenny, and heads to a London theatre to try out for a non-existent new reality show with a bunch of Adele impersonators.

Mingling backstage with them she trades some impersonator-banter, then comes out as the last auditioneer, and belts out one of her own ballads to the delight of the other singers—who, by then, have totally guessed she must be the real deal.

It's a funny and very sweet little prank.

It was part of a BBC special on the singer where Graham Norton interviewed Adele about her career, her new album, and being one of the best singers on the planet.


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