When Amazon #PrimeDay Went From A Bargain Paradise To A Virtual ‘Garage Sale’ - #PrimeDayFail

Yesterday (Wednesday July 15th) was possibly one of the most anticipated bargain shopping days on the internet outside of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as online retailers Amazon.com launched their first ever Amazon Prime Day

Billed as 'the best sale of the summer!' and 'bigger than Black Friday' it promised a virtual bargain buyers bonanza, full of amazing deals that would leave you drooling at the mouth.

We all got very excited waiting for Prime Day to begin and made sure we all set our alarms so we could be one of the first shoppers to bag an absolute 'prime' purchase.

How wrong we all were.

So what happened? Well if you were amongst the millions of potential shoppers who went onto Amazon, intent on finding something you coveted at a seriously ridiculous price then you will know why. It didn't exist.

No matter how hard you searched you always stumbled over goods that wouldn't look out of place in a flea market or garage sale, and not a good one at that.

Needless to say people were not very happy, not very happy at all.

It was only a matter of time before the angry hoards descended upon Twitter to moan about the meager offerings and let off steam by creating some hilarious memes and comments.

Here are some of the best ones below:


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