The Best Fails Ever (So Far) Are Collected Together In This Giant Compilation Of Fail

Everyone loves laughing at other people's misfortune, it's a fact of life, and if you deny that you are guilty of finding hilarity when you take comfort that it is not happening to you then you good sir are a liar.

Fail videos have been around a long time, so long it seems that a compilation can be made collecting some that are now considered classics of the genre.

Videos that have risen to the top amongst all the fail videos over the years and stand out as true exemplary examples of people getting owned. you could almost consider it to be an art form. Almost.

It starts with perhaps the most famous fail clip of all time, the one of the model in a bikini getting taken down with her back to a wave. It was the clip that taught a generation to never turn their back on the sea.

There's also a boy getting his tongue stuck on a frozen lamppost, a classic cartoonish comedy trope, and of course how could we forget the wedding party falling into that lake when the dock collapsed under their combined weight. And there are many more.

You know them, you've seen them before, and you will be sure to laugh again as you are reunited with them.

A veritable schadenfreude of laughs.

So take ten minutes out of your day and enjoy these people not really enjoying theirs. You won't regret it.


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