Bo Burnham's Parodies Kanye West's Rants With A Song About Pringles, Messy Burritos, & Life As A Star

We all have problems. Me, you, even Kanye West. And on West's Yeezus tour he liked to end the show with an autotuned 20 minute rant about them. It's those rants that Bo Burnham spoofs in the "Can't Handle This" song taken from his Netflix special Make Happy.

Forget Jay Z' 99 problems, that's nothing compared to the endless burdens that Kayne has to deal with.

But while Kanye's rants were lamentations on power, race, and expensive t-shirts that weren't selling, Burnham's aren't quite as high status. But they're a lot funnier.

With autotune on and some instrumental music in the background Burnham starts his ranting with subject matter that begins with frivolity, but ends on a much more personal note.

For instance, Burnham starts off lamenting the fact that the diameter of Pringles cans is way to small. You can't get your hand in their properly, so it's impossible to get those last shards of Pringle out of it without tipping it towards your mouth and then all the damn crumbs spill down you. It's too true—and very funny.

Messy chicken burritos also come under attack, but then things get strangely poignant and self-reflective as Burnham starts to talk about performing, putting on a character, and feeling the need to please and be accepted by his audience. It's deep, man.

But the Pringles thing, of course, is the realest talk of all.


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