For All The Bros Out There Here's How to Sneak Into a Hotel Pool Party And Freeload Like A Boss!

There's an art to gatecrashing a pool party. At least, gatecrashing without getting caught and ejected, because anyone can do that. It's an art that you want to really master and get to grips with now that summer has come to a close, so when summer comes around next year you can pounce into action.

YouTubers The Hacks Of Life show you how to do just that and sneak your way into a private party, but it's not for the faint-hearted. Because it involves pretending you have a son, filling child floaties with vodka, brohugs, fistbumps, and drawing a d*ck on your face.

But if you're willing and able to do all that, and lots more, you too can swindle your way into a luxury pool party and live high and mighty off the freebies. That or get roughhoused by security.

It all adds up to a new way of having a great time when you don't have much ready cash, just remember these easy rules - Be confident and act like you belong there and no one will question shit - And always remember... drunk dudes love to highfive.

Once you have mastered the basics there is no end to free food, alcohol, pool and hotel facilities and of course something a bro can't live without, pretty girls.


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