'Can I Get A Box?'—The Summer Banger That's Having Fun With An Annoying Dining Habit

Comedian Joy Brooker has spent her dues working in the service industry, waitressing on tables in a part of America where rich white women do their whole "ladies who lunch" thing.

There's one particular sentence they always seem to ask Brooker and they always say it with a particular "Valley Girl" twang. That line is "Can I Get A Box?" which Brooker has taken as the basis for this very catchy but slightly scary song called, what else, "Can I Get A Box?”

Put it this way (and be warned), once you hear Brooker saying the line while emulating these women's overenthusiastic mannerisms, all set to some banging electro—you won't be able to get it out from your head.

"I've been a server for 5 years. I made a song about the way white girls ask me for boxes." Brooker says of this catchy number, which wins points not just because it's so damn earwormy but also because it's hilarious too.

“One day I had an idea to poke fun at the way the accent sounds when the girls in my area ask me for things, since I experience a lot of the same questions every day. The thing I get asked the most, by everyone, is ‘Can I get a box?’” Brooker told Buzzfeed. "So many people watch it and tag their friends saying, ‘This is you,’ which makes me happy. I love that I’ve made something that’s allowing people to laugh at themselves. Another one of my favorite reactions I’ve had to it so far is people saying, ‘What the heck did I just watch?’”

Have a listen and then consider yourself a convert to Brooker's humor and a slave to the song's addictive rhythm.


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