Cats Push Trolleys And Do The Weekly Shop In This Brilliant Ad For A German Supermarket

With so much commercially branded video content floating around the internet lately you have to think very clever to get people to actually want to share it with their friends and make it past the the 5 second 'skip' button on YouTube. For that you need a killer idea that clicks with the social media community.

But where to start?

There's one surefire way to get people's attention on the internet—and that's cats. Lots of them. So that's exactly what German supermarket chain Netto Marken-Discount have done in this very funny advert.

They've not just thrown some cats randomly together though, God no.

They've put a bunch of cats in a supermarket, going about their business as though they were out shopping for their weekly groceries. Their resemblance to humans is surreally scary.

As if that wasn't enough to get you clicking on the play button, they've also thrown in some references to famous internet cats too.

So there's nods to the Cat Vs. Cucumbers thing, Surprised Kitty, OMG Cat, No No No Cat, even Keyboard Cat gets a shout out. He's—what else—the cashier when the cats get to the checkout.

And to compliment all this cat silliness is a kind of electro-meow soundtrack that, if we're being honest with ourselves, is very catchy indeed.


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