Check Out The New Dance Craze All The Kids Are Into—It's Called Wubbing

Wubbing, what is it? Where did it come from? Is the verb, to wub? Can I wub? Can you? If you want to know what the future of dancing looks like, or the future of human innovation, then you need to check out the video.

Wubbing, the new craze sweeping the nation, consists of wearing a spandex-covered phallus while breakdancing to dubstep. Just wait until you see the "stirring the mayonnaise" move—you'll really start shaking your head and tutting while fearing for our collective future after witnessing that.

But before we contact the news agencies and scream THE CHILDREN!! and shut the internet down, this video is quite obviously a joke. The question is, who made it? If you go to the wubbing.net site all the links click through to... McDonald's? Yeah. Weird. It's either another joke or McDonald's viral marketing has gone next level.

Better go out and buy a pair of these shorts anyway though, just in case it's not fake. You don't wanna be left behind, do you?

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