The Saddest Cooking Show Ever - Ethan Klein Hilariously Reviews Steven Reed's 'Weber Cooks'

Comedian Ethan Klein from h3h3 productions takes a very funny but ultimately depressing look at what can only be described as the saddest and most melancholy cooking show to have ever existed.

The show is Steven Reed's cable-access cooking series "Weber Cooks" which looks at cooking for one. Pretty much every ingredient Reed uses comes pre-packed and prepping amounts to opening a tin or a packet or a jar. Then to "cook" it Reed uses that most depressing of cooking appliances, the microwave—which is about as unsexy as cooking gets.

As Klein points out at the beginning, if you'd never seen Reed's show before you'd be forgiven for thinking it was some absurdist surreal sketch by Tim & Eric. But Tim & Eric can only dream of making something so mundanely horrifying.

It's not just Reed's gloomy approach to cooking either, even the music in Weber Cooks is dreary and haunting. It makes you wonder who the hell's idea it was to film Reed making this and document it for posterity? Still, looking at it with detached irony, it's all so very, very funny.

In this video, called "How Can a Cooking Show be this Sad?!" Klein looks at an episode where Reed makes tomato sauce and spaghetti and, oh boy, is it unappetising. He takes 15 minutes of his life making it. 15 MINUTES? Jeez. "That's not even prison food." remarks Klein. "That's like prisoner of war food."

Below you can watch Reed's legendary tutorial on how to make Chili & Cheese Nacho Dip. If you're having a good day, watching it will certainly change that.

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