Comedian Robbie Sherrard Breaks Down the Many Different Ways to Say Hello to a Woman

At some point in his life, somehow, Robbie Sherrard forgot how to say hello to women. Or, forgot how to say hello to them in a way which doesn't make him look like a total idiot. Sure he's a grown man who should probably just grow a pair, but you have to admire his honesty.

His chosen way of saying "hi!" is to do a little wavy hand movement, like he's a magician trying to entice a small mammal from a top hat. But, as he concedes, it just ends up looking weird.

So what should he do? Should he hug them? That's what women do to each other, right? Well, Sherrard is nothing if not meticulous in his quest to find an answer, and compiles a chart that can help you figure out the correct way to say "hello."

There are a lot of variables, from how long you've known them to where you are and all kinds of other stuff. It's very, very complicated.


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