This Awesome Compilation Of GIFs With Sound Is Guaranteed To Brighten Up Your Day. Honest.

GIFs are totally cool and that, they've been around since the dawn of the internet, everyone loves them, but they're missing one critical element: sound. And that's where this GIFs with Sound mash-up compilation comes in. Suddenly it feels as if the missing element of the whole internet experience is finally complete.

These guys have been doing this kind of stuff for a while now and they're up to over 150 versions already (see below), so clearly there's demand for GIFs of fat people smashing stuff with Hulk sounds over the top or a brilliant remake of Jaws, dancing Stormtroopers, Ned Flanders, Nicolas Cage and of course cats, lots of cats....and why wouldn't there be.

So check out what we think is the 'best of the best' video from their collection (above) and then allow yourself seven minutes of stupid fun from the GIF's with Sound YouTube page. You've earned it.

After all, what else are you going to be doing that's this important at work/college/policing the streets today?

And if you just need a bite-sized selection of what else they have to offer check out some of their most recent creations below. Enjoy.

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